By Angie Lee (part of a family set The Lees)

“The objects that hold my best memories are the ones I rely on as visual and sensory reminders every day that the world was beautiful and will be again”

1. A blanket that my kids and dog tried very hard to destroy until I broke the cashmere cardinal rule and washed it. It’s now solely mine. (No more wrapping the dog with it or puking on it allowed)2. The one and only plant that I am very proud to have kept alive3. HomePod that tells the kids and my husband where their phones are instead of me (genius)
4. Tea pot from @bellocq tea atelier (I look at it more than drink tea from it, but it makes me feel connected to a different heritage, an antidote to the fast pace of life)
5. Sweet vermouth (on the rocks; an old treat I’ve rediscovered as my wine and liquor cabinet dwindles)
6. Trvdon Abd el Kader Candle (smells of ginger, tea, and tobacco can be transcendent)
7. Long ago picture of my son on the beach (with an eye of the storm smile)
8. Metal Parthenon model my daughter built when she was 8
9. Long ago photo of my daughter with her electric smile (it’s like sunlight)
10. My favourite reading glasses (my fondness for the 70’s)11. My favourite wallet purchased at Collette shortly before it closed for good (reminds me of classic French floor patterns, Alexander Girard, and Vans from the 80’s)
12. Facial toner with ginseng (nothing else works and as long as I have multiple bottles of this in my medicine cabinet I know at least one thing is on track with life)13. Apple remote (I’m a big fan of talking to my technology)
14. “Whose Story Is This?” by Rebecca Solnit (bought on my birthday at @shakespeareandcoparis)
15. iPad (for everything)