By Brigid Day

“15 Items helping me cope/survive quarantine in my tiny box apartment”
1. Yoga/dance socks
2. Bose noise cancelling headphones because living in my building is like sharing a house with 70 people. I gently dance on my toes!
3. Pyrite makes everything alright
4. A New Earth by @eckharttolle Gift from @jamiecrivera. Eased my anxieties, eased my ego. Accepting the present as is. No need to speculate on the future.
5. MacBook. Productivity. Connectivity. Research. Lifeline.
6. Colouring pencils
7. Cuss word colouring book!
8. Pencil sharpener
9. Nail sharpener
10. My “pet” bunny slippers, Laverne & Shirley
11. Metal spoon to clang on the rail outside my window every evening at 7pm. Originally, we cheered for the Essential workers but now we cheer for all of NYC.
12. iPhone (not shown) needed for pic
Missing items  on photo 13-15: outside of running water and TP, I can live with little. Less is More.

New York, United States