By Charlotka Jane Bridges, (11 years old - part of a family set The Bridges)

1. Wool slippers she bought in Kraków last summer
2. Favourite shorts, also bought in Poland
3. Zippy the turtle always sleeps with her
4. iPad (for school and fun)
5. Kindle with all her books
6. Puzzle book
7. S’mores stick (S’mores and chocolate chip cookies are her favorite dessert)
8. Headphones (necessity, as she and her sister share a room)
9. Lip balm
10. Remote control (lots of family movie nights these days)
11. Rainbow ribbon
12. Deck of cards
13. Wooden robot bought one evening on our way back from ballet class
14. Paints (used for painting rocks from the river
15. Pencil

Adirondack Mountains 
New York, United States