By Eugene Lee (part of a family set The Lees)

1. Japanese cola candies
2. Immersion blender (my cooking technique for soups and sauces has been propelled by these gadgets)
3. Hendricks (I think this is an empty bottle...this is self explanatory)
4,5 & 6. Cookie scoops (vegan cookies for family and friends - we are all-rounder because of this)
7. Tea cup (I only drinks tea now)
8. My @bellocq tea pot (I used to drink 8 cups of coffee a day and this pot is a symbolic stand in for the oceans of tea I drink instead)
9. Us. I asked our daughter to find a photo of the kids, my wife and the dog
10. Chai tea. all. the. Time
11. Vibrating foam roller for my old soccer injuries
12. Birthday candles (to represent my proud achievement in making my first birthday cheesecake for our son)
13. Cookie cutters (we are even rounder because of this)
14. White mock sweatshirt
15. Pyjama pants (just being honest. Aren’t we all wearing these most of the time?)