By Ewa Bridges (part of a fmaily set The Bridges)

1. Soft cashmere scarf
2. wool socks (instant warmth and coziness, and we just had snow here- at the end of April!)
3. Body cream
4. Face moisturizer (self-care essentials)
5. Camomile tea (love herbal teas
6. Legal pad
7. Pencil (I’m old school and like to write things down on paper)
8. Laptop (for Sunday family chats with my parents and brother in Poland- in addition to phone calls with them every day)
9. ”Prawiek i inne czasy”, in English „Primeval and Other times” by Olga Tokarczuk (she won a Nobel Prize in Literature 2019. Currently reading and re-reading all her books. Highly recommend!)
10. Set of two paperweights: rocks from the Ausable river, painted by my daughter
11. Crystal wine glass (as my Mom says: presentation matters. Even if it’s just the four of us in the middle of nowhere, we try to add bits of glamour to our dinners)
12. S’mores fork (my husband got a set for our family camping trips. Bonfire is our frequent evening activity these days.)
13. Apartment keys (they are a reminder of our home in Brooklyn, and attached shrinky dink, a gift from my daughter, has the sweetest message)
14. Ladle (soups are my specialty and comfort food for my family
15. Stainless steel tumbler (hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!)

 Adirondack Mountains  
New York, United States